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About Me

I am a front-end developer and currently live in Hangzhou, China.

I currently use React, Vue and other technology stacks, and also undertake the development of Node.js middle layer.


In addition to front-end development, I am also a BGP player.


AS207292 is my experimental autonomous domain. Peer open, but only through IXP

Currently it is a pure IPv6 network, but will support IPv4 through AMPRNet in the near future

Ham Radio

Currently holds a B Class license issued by MIIT (CN) and a Tech Class license issued by FCC (US)

Due to the difficulty of antenna installation in the city, it currently appears in the data communication mode. SSB and CW only appear in the contest as OP


QSL Via BH2RO,CRAC BURO. All logo upload LOTW & QRZ.COM Logbook

Online Log Search


Contact Me to QSL Info


Due to limited personal energy, the blog will stop maintenance since March 2020

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